Wallowa Lake

What a beautiful place! Having fun fishing, hiking, eating with great friends ❤️

Wallowa River

Catch of the day!
While trolling for Kokanee I snagged a prize!

It started out really smoky, then was hot, then got cold and rainy. We didn’t make it up the tram but that’s for another day!
thanks Terry and Sue❤️

Don’t golf with hearing aids!

Unbelievable ! 😵‍💫
While golfing last Saturday, i was doing horrible and decided to take my hearing aids out. I put them in a zippered pocket in my shorts. Got home and reached in my pocket only to see my hand go straight though the huge hole in the bottom . 🤭 immediately my stomach was sick. Hearing aids gone!
Cindy called the golf course and they were extremely helpful and sent people out to look. we went and looked but it seemed futile.

This was going to be a 6k$ round of golf!

Monday morning I called and ordered replacements (insurance) for 700$

Monday evening golf course calls… Someone found my hearing aids !!!
Hallelujah 👏🥳🦻

Btw, taking them out did not improve my game🤦‍♂️

What the??

Golf with Marie and Al

Wonderful day with Cindy’s sister and husband!

Sandbagger Saloon Crooked River Ranch

And a very lucky shot on 16! 🏌️‍♂️

Erasing the last double bogey! 👍
What a Surprise!

I hit my drive and Al says “hey that’s a pretty good shot.” I watched it go straight toward the pin but thought it ran through the green.
I get up to the green and cannot find my ball anywhere. Al says “did you check the cup?” He walked up there and sure enough, there it was!! We were all so surprised and excited!!

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